Treehouse Builders Association

There has long been a need for professional tree house builders everywhere to create a formal association. Here's why:

Who's in?

An Association like this has to be built through the investment of time and money by many professional tree house building companies, or it will never come to pass. Once it grows, it will benefit us all. So who's in? Please email and let me know if you want to help get this organization going from the ground level. I've already have a couple commitments from professional tree house builders, but if we all work together, then it will be more meaningful and beneficial.

Who's in Charge?

We Are. I have no intention of being the boss here. I'm only trying to get it going and be part of the team. There are several other treehouse building experts out there who should eventually become leaders of this effort. I'll certainly play a part, but this isn't about any one person or company.